Nathan Ladyzhensky, President


Nathan Ladyzhensky

As President of Mosher Financial Group, Nathan Ladyzhensky is actively involved in the planning, design, and implementation of clients’ financial plans.
As a financial representative with over 28 years of experience, Nathan has an extensive knowledge and understanding of educators’ needs and concerns. He has helped hundreds of clients get ready for their financial future and secure retirement.
Nathan has access to numerous investment and insurance companies and products, enabling him to offer a broad array of options and solutions. He is actively involved in creating and conducting educational workshops and seminars on a variety of financial and retirement planning subjects.
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Lina Maher, Office Manager


Lina Maher



As Mosher Financial Group’s Office Manager, Lina Maher seeks to make your experience an enjoyable and productive one.
Lina joined the Mosher Financial Group family in May of 2009. She brings with her over 30 years of administrative know-how, including more than 20 years experience managing affairs for AT&T. Her focus is always on providing excellent service to clients, and she looks forward to helping you prepare for your financial future.
When not running the office, Lina can often be found somewhere outside walking. If not, then she will most likely be at home reading, knitting, or crocheting with at least one, possibly two, cats on her lap.
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