A recent survey found that fewer Americans are saving today than were saving in 2010, the year after the recession ended. The Executive Director of the Consumer Federation of America and a founder of America Saves, one of the groups responsible for the survey, said “Only about one-third of Americans are living within their means and think they are prepared for the long term financial future.

One-third are living within their means but are often not prepared for this long term future. And one-third are struggling to live within their means.”1


Like many Americans, you would like to save more but you don’t know where to find the extra dollars. There are lots of ways to trim a budget but one easy way is to put away part or all of your income tax refund, if you are getting one. Tucking that check away can help you build an:
• Emergency fund: Help meet unexpected expenses that can break the bank like the loss of a job, a medical bill or an unexpected auto repair.
• Investment account: If you already have an emergency fund, then you may want to build an investment account that has the potential to provide growth or income or both.
The money you put aside today can help you meet financial goals and unexpected financial challenges.
Secure your future by finding ways to save today.

1Americasaves.org, 7th Annual Savings Survey Reveals Persistence of Financial Challenges Facing Most Americans, February 24, 2014.