Are you saving enough?

A recent survey found that fewer Americans are saving today than were saving in 2010, the year after the recession ended. The Executive Director of the Consumer Federation of America and a founder of America Saves, one of the groups [...]

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Streching an Inherited IRA

When an owner establishes an IRA correctly, his or her beneficiaries may be able to take distributions over an extended period of time — stretching the IRA. As a result, the assets in the IRA may have an opportunity to [...]

Endangered species: defined benefit pension plans

In the past, companies offered defined benefit pension (DB) plans as a means of attracting and retaining skilled employees. Typically, these were funded and invested by the employer, and benefits were determined by an employee’s income and tenure. […]

IRAs Are Versatile Tools

Anthropologists have long said that using tools is a sign of higher intelligence because it shows an understanding of the relationship between an object and its effect. The same can be applied to financial matters. For example, money was created [...]